Why Choose Cedar Timbers?

    • Strong and Dimensionally StableSolid wood homes have been around for years. They are easy to build, perform better thermally than framed homes and look quite distinctive from the exterior as well as the interior. Now, with laminated timbers, we can provide even more – a considerably higher level of stability and strength.


    • Strong and Dimensionally StableOur engineered laminated timbers are simply far superior to solid-cut timbers. Because our wall timbers are fabricated from kiln-dried lumber, we offer an exceptional level of dimensional stability – virtually eliminating checking, twisting, warping and shrinkage.Originally developed in the mid 1950’s, laminated timbers have become the industry standard for tight fitting solid wall construction. Today, laminated timbers are the first choice when the natural beauty of wood and the structural integrity of a timber system is called upon to distinguish a design.Each lamination within the timber is bonded with an exterior type waterproof adhesive, cured under high pressure using high frequency electronics in a radio frequency (RF) press. Center laminations can be offset and machined to form a tongue and groove on both edges (center match) and the ends (end match) of the timber.Faces of the timber (sides that are visible) are carefully chosen from decorative grade stock, usually in cedar or pine. You can mix and match! Choose cedar for the exterior and pine for the interior if you like!

      The result is a product of high strength, dimensionally stable with a superior appearance.


    • Fire SafeLaminated timbers have an excellent fire-resistive quality. When subject to a constant flame, our wall timbers retain a significantly higher percentage of their original strength for a longer period of time as compared to a frame wall. Without air spaces, such as is found in framed walls, it is far more difficult for fire to spread. Our popular 6-lam timber is rated as a 1-hour firewall compared to a standard 2×6 framed wall which is 1/2-hour fire rated.


    • Energy EfficiencyAlthough there are many factors which contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home, perhaps the most important are these:. air infiltration, site orientation (can your home be placed facing south?), thermal mass, the amount and placement of glass and the insulation values in walls and ceilings.Our precision milled timbers are bonded together with a self-sealing adhesive which virtually eliminates air infiltration. Our exacting standards assure your home will be tight!While it’s best to be facing the majority of the glass (especially the high glass) to the south, if your site does not lend itself to this we have timbers developed that insulate better than others. Where you can face south, our high-mass timber walls, such as our 5-lam absorb the sun’s heat and remain warm for a longer period. This effect mitigates the temperature fluctuations found in traditionally framed homes of lesser mass. Our customers tell us our timber homes outperform their expectations!Celings and roofs in our homes are normally R-30. You can easily achieve higher values by increasing the thickness of the rigid insulating foam. We can help design the correct value based on your preference, local codes and your budget.

      How much glass is in your home and where it’s placed also significantly effect the overall thermal performance. We work hard to achieve the correct balance – let us put our 21 years of experience to work for you!


    • Reduced MaintenanceOur laminated timber homes require far less maintenance than either log homes or standard framed homes! Log homes constantly settle, check and split. Our homes have virtually no settlement, checking or splitting. Framed homes have nailed-on siding – subject to nail which “bleed” and stain the wood, often times siding will split at the ends and shrink. There are no nails needed with our timbers! Our timbers look and feel (and are!) more solid. Customers tell us the woodpeckers leave our homes alone because they don’t sound hollow!


  • Design FlexibilityPerhaps there will be a day when we are unable to design a particular home in our laminated timbers. But it hasn’t happened so far! From the all time favorite alpine styles to more contemporary homes – the designs are almost limitless with our timbers. Just check out a few of them in our gallery of homes!